Civil Ceremony

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Not every wedding has to take place in a church.

A marriage in England and Wales can only take place in authorised premises where the marriage can be legally solemnized. The venues include of course registry offices, and nowadays can also include, castles, stately homes, country houses and hotels.

Provided the premises have been licensed as such by the local authority. These will include the more obvious places such as naval, air force and army chapels.

Just for information all churches and chapels available to conduct marriages also have to be registered. All marriage ceremonies at these establishments have to be performed in the presence of a superintendent registrar or an authorized person such as vicar or priest.

Marriages can take place on any day, including Sunday between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

To get married by civil ceremony you will need to contact the superintendent registrar of the district in which you wish to marry to discuss the arrangements.

You can get married in any licensed place or registry office without having any residency requirements. This is giving notice of your intention to marry and you need to give this notice in the district where you live.

If you both live in different districts then you both need to give notice in your own district. You must give these notices in person as no one can do it for you. You must then wait for a minimum of 16 days before the marriage can take place.

You can get married in any licensed place or registry office without having any residency requirements.

If you are marrying in another district other than the one you gave notice in then you will need to collect your Certificate of Authority to get married.

For further information you can call the Registrar Generals office at 01704-569824

It is now possible to marry in premises other than registry offices.

The can add a certain something extra to a wedding ceremony. There are many buildings registered in the country from castles, stately homes, country house and hotels.

The marriage ceremony at these places is a civil ceremony. This being so there can be no religious content whatsoever as it is no permitted by law. Be sure that any singers you engage are aware of this and ensure the singing program is checked well before hand.

But at these premises you will probably find that you could have the fairytale wedding you always dreamed of. They are romantic locations and everything goes at a leisurely pace than in a bland registry office. You get more choice with this type of ceremony and it can really be ‘Your Wedding’.

To have such a wedding you need to make a provisional booking of the venue then contact the superintendent registrar and make your booking with him or her and then immediately confirm your booking with the venue.

These licensed premised can take full advantage of the hours wedding are permitted to take place which are 8am – 6pm. Whereas Registry offices only operate from 10am until 4pm.

When giving notice of your marriage you will be able to discuss your choice of declaration and other words with the super-intendant registrar.