Groom And The Father of the Bride


The popular misconception is that the father of the bride is just the person that stumps up the cash for the whole thing.

Well, its much more than that. He has seen his daughter grow up and he is proud to be taking his daughter to her marriage ceremony.

However should the bride’s father not be able to be present then another father figure can fill that vacant position.

Whoever is in this role then he will need kindness, understanding, a lot of compassion and love.

Apart from a lot of cash.

As well as stumping up a good deal of the wedding cost he has other responsibilites as well. These may vary from wedding to wedding but in essence they consist of:

1) Liasing with his daughter and groom as to funding.
2) Travelling with bride to the wedding venue.
3) Accompanying the bride down the aisle.
4) Travelling with the Brides Mother to the reception venue.
5) standing in the receiving line to welcome guests.
6) Making the first of the wedding speeches.
7) As part of the first dance to dance with the Mother of the Bride.
Dance at least one dance with bride at the reception

The Speech!

The first of the main speeches given at the reception is by the Father of the Bride. If you find that writing a speech is daunting then it can be no problem.

The Groom

Many grooms find that planning a wedding is very easy. The average man just leaves it up to the women! Then they complain about the amount of word that they have put into their speech!

Just make sure you thank the Brides Father in particular and also the Bridesmaids and Usher.

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The Speech!

The second main speech given at the reception is by the Groom. If you find that writing a speech is daunting then it can be no problem.

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